Save Money on Your Electric Bill by switching to a Cheap Electricity Provider! You may even get your electricity for FREE!

You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year plus earn free travel by switching to Ambit Energy to get cheaper (or even FREE) electricity!


Ambit Energy now offers NATURAL GAS service and has a fantastic business opportunity where you can make tons of cash just by telling other people how to save money and earn free travel!

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Dear Friend and Fellow Electricity Consumer,

How many times have you gotten your monthly energy bill and felt like you were being taken advantage of by the incumbent electricity (or natural gas) providers?

Have you thought that it would be nice if you could fire your natural gas or electricity provider and switch electricity providers to a cheap electricity provider who would give you the best prices possible and reward you for your business with free travel?

Would you like to learn about an electricity provider like Ambit Energy that will reward you every month when you and other people pay their monthly electricity bill?

Energy deregulation gives you the power to choose your electric company!

When electricity or natural gas markets deregulate, consumers are given the power to switch electricity or natural gas providers!  This can lead to substantial savings that can be as high as 20% versus the incumbents when you switch to a cheap electricity provider or cheap natural gas provider.

We are here to show you how easy it is to switch electricity or natural gas providers!

Free Energy is even better than Cheap Electricity and Natural Gas!

Ambit Energy provides cheap electricity to everybody in the deregulated areas of Texas as well as natural gas in Illinois and natural gas and electricity in New York. If you help spread the word about how Ambit Energy gives customers cheap electricity and free travel, you can get your electricity for free. If you refer 15 people to Ambit Energy, you can actually get your electricity for free. You also get free travel for referring people. Who else will give you free travel AND free electricity?


When you switch your electricity provider to Ambit Energy, you get a free 3 day 2 night hotel stay at one of 25 vacation hot spots including San Antonio, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Myrtle Beach just to name a few! You will also earn points every month towards a great vacation of your choosing.

Now you may be wondering . . .

How do I switch electricity providers to Ambit Energy?

All you have to do is decide you are ready to start saving money and earning free travel then go to the Ambit Energy website and click Enroll Now. You can also check out the travel rewards and company information at this site. If you need, we can take care of enrolling you over the phone. All of the contact information is right there on the website.

After you enroll online, you will be verified by an independent company to verify that you truly signed up to switch electricity providers to Ambit Energy.

That's all there is to it. Just sit back and wait for the savings and rewards to take effect.

But what if you don't live in Texas?

If you live in New York or Illinois you sign up the same way as Texas residents. Ambit actually guarantees savings over the incumbents.

If you want to learn more about Ambit Energy New York service go to Ambit Energy New York

If you want to learn more about Ambit Energy Illinois service go to Ambit Energy Illinois

If you are outside of the areas Ambit Energy currently services, don't worry, we are expanding. In the meantime, check out the Ambit Energy Business Opportunity that is discussed below.

    and start saving money today!

If you thought things couldn't get better, think again.  You can get paid by your new electricity supplier, Ambit Energy!

Not only does Ambit Energy want to save you money, they want to reward you for helping your friends and family save money! There are 2 ways you can cash in on Ambit's generosity.

If you choose to become a customer and start earning free travel while saving money, Ambit will award you a free vacation for every 5 people you refer that switch their service in your first 90 days.

If you decide you want to really energize your income, Ambit Energy has a fantastic business opportunity that can provide you with long term financial freedom just for gathering a few loyal customers and helping others do the same.   Learn more about the Ambit Energy Business Opportunity at to learn more about the Ambit Business Opportunity.

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